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Session Length Per Age Group

Session Length and Emphasis By Age Group


Pre-K & Kindergarden

Session Length & Emphasis

  • 45 minutes
  • 90% Movement education and 10% Technique


  • Each Player Should Have a Ball- get comfortable with it.
  • Dribbling without pressure
  • Movement Education.-Soccer gymnastics
  • Maze Games

1st & 2nd Grade

Session Length & Emphasis

  • 45-60 minutes
  • 25% Movement Education, 60% Technique and 15% Tactics


  • One player one Ball-dribbling with pressure
  • Movement Education., Soccer gymnastics
  • Directional play and Start Passing with pressure

3rd & 4th Grade

Session Length & Emphasis

  • 60 minutes
  • 10% Movement Edu., 70% Technique, 20% Tactics


  • Start shooting and introduce Goalkeeper
  • Groups 3 or 4
  • Looks more like real game
  • Target Games
  • Play bigger games to goals

5th Grade and up

Session Length & Emphasis

  • 60 minutes
  • 75% Technique and 25% Tactics


  • Groups of 5 to 7 players
  • Position Specific work
  • Tactics play a bigger role

Session Topics

Session Topics and Activities


Cone line

No more than 5 players per line. Cone, 5 yards, 5 cones 1 yard apart, cone 7 yards from the 5 to promote ending with speed.

Body parts dribbling

Again in a defined space have players dribble. Call out body parts and have them put that on the ball like, left ear, forehead, right knee, belly button.

Tight spaces

depending on your numbers find, for example the 6 yard box, or make a tight space, 15 x 15 yrd box. Give commands and the players execute.

Follow the leader

Simple tell the players what area they are using and have one dribble to lead and another to follow also dribbling.


Define the area and then either have them wear pinnies as taggers, for time, or hold pinnies to switch when tagged.

Sharks and minnows

(There are many different variations) For less players create a narrow alley. Put Sharks, ball stealers, in the alley and have the minnows dribble through. You can let them go a number of times and count how many time they get the ball stolen (or tagged) or just add them in if they loose their ball (or get tagged)

Hospital tag

Define area that is challenging to the numbers you have. Not too big or small. Make a rectangle with a small square inside (that can fit two players). Taggers try to tag players who have to hold the spot they are tagged. To heal themselves they have to go to the hospital and to 3-5 toe taps. (Put bottom of foot on the ball and switch foot on the ball). Limit number in hospital.

Star Wars

Make a big rectangle with 2-4 square bases inside. All players dibble. Tagged players either become it or have to do toe taps to get back in. Player is safe on base but limit time in base.


Technical passing

In pairs, show the proper technique of passing. Go slowly and try to get player to replicate. Plant foot next to ball pointing at target. Passing foot with toe pointed to the side, making a L or I_ with both feet. Pick toe then heal up to lock ankle and bend knee. Swing leg as one piece from the hip.


Make big rectangle with half the players inside, the other half around the edges. Players on outside pass to a player coming at them, player passes back to outside. Outside player passes, inside player receives and finds new person on outside to give ball to. Inside player passes to outside player who comes in thus switching with the inside player, etc.

Passing lines

Three people on one side and two on the other. Pass to player in line across, switch and go to end of other line. You can do: one touch, two touch (with and without player running at you) and wall passes.


Find targets on field, like trash cans, (make sure its safe) or lay down cones as "Holes" to make a course. Play a round and ask the players to keep count of passes.

Sharks and minnows

Make a channel and flank it with half the players. Have the other half dribble through to other side. Players on outside try to hit other players soccer balls by passing their own into them.


Make a box with two players on each corner. One touch pass to next player. Second, drop ball back, play forward.

Olympic passing

Targets line up around outside and inside of big rectangle. Other half of players pass and get ball back and work their way around rectangle and back.


Technical shooting

Practice in pairs. Plant foot next to ball, other toe pointed down and slightly out, bent knee, leaning over ball.

Tunnel Shooting

In three's. Put one player in the middle with feet apart. The two on outside try to hit ball between feet. You can either have middle player switch with outside person who just hit or change after time.


Set up three tall cones between players 10-20 yards apart leave space between each cone. Have players alternate trying to hit cones down.


Make a big square with tall cones as targets. Players shoot from outside square to know cones over. Ball must go out of square. If it doesn't they must do toe taps before they can shoot again.

Sharks and minnows

Same as with passing but use top of foot and shooting motion.

World cup

Played inside 18 yrd box in front of goal. Split group up into teams of two (three if odd number). Each team chooses a country name. Have all balls in goal, if coach is being goalkeeper. Put cones around the 6 yrd box to force shots to be from outside. Coach throws balls out and players work 2 vs. everyone to score. Must yell out country name to count. Play to one of two goals. After team scores (one or two) they move on to next round. Last team who does not score two does not move on. (have them help chase soccer balls. Any ball out of the 18 is done.

Shooting on Goal

No more than 5 players per line. Increase number of lines to limit standing. Make players getting their ball something to be avoided. Provide different types of shots.


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